Example of what one tech did with my $10 Office 365 PowerPoint

Hey gang, I put out a newsletter asking for folks to check out my Office 365 playlist, for two reasons. They are great to learn more about Office 365 and I still need some minutes for my challenge! But this guy emailed me something a big more interesting this morning. He said he’s viewed the playlist and will share with his techs. Then added “I even purchased your Office 365 security PowerPoint presentation and turned that into a video.”

I checked out his video and he did exactly what I was hoping he would do! He took the whole powerpoint, branded for himself, created a video and now shares it on YouTube for his channel and his customers (I think?). 🙂

I asked if I could use this as an example for other techs to watch so they can see what he did with it. Seems like he just made it his own and recorded it from PowerPoint with voice. Simple!

Check it out and if you want to purchase the PowerPoint, I sell it here for just $10 for the PowerPoint and Admin PDF. 

All I ask, is that you do not sell it. Feel free to do whatever you wish though, even create a video for YouTube.


One thought on “Example of what one tech did with my $10 Office 365 PowerPoint

  • February 7, 2018 at 11:40 am

    Cheers for the link and writeup Lisa.

    The Powerpoint you created made it quite easy for me to turn into a Youtube video which, as you can see, I now share with clients and others on the Internet.


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