GoDaddy Cutover Migration Review Part 1 with Adam from IT Pros of Iowa

Hey Gang! Here is a blog for the Part 1 video of my review with Adam Carpenter, come back tomorrow to watch the video with Dawn who did the SharePoint Migration. Good stuff!

Also, for those into supporting creators on YouTube, I found out my channel has been terminated, or will be if I don’t get 240,000 views by Feb 18th, or 4000 hours. I had 174,000 views and only 2933 hours 🙁 So I put out a shout to my network today and got many folks to add their playlist to their browser and they watching and some are just muting to help get my numbers! I can still create videos but can’t monetize and even though the money isn’t a big deal, one day it might be. So if you want to help the challenge, click here for the full playlist, thank you for the support! 

Listen to the show here

Watch the video here

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