Help for Computer Techs and MSP

How I can help your IT business!

Below is a list of services I have created to help break/fix and MSP tech companies. Contact me to learn more and get started, glad to help!


I depend on my referrals for Office 365 to keep my business flowing. There are many things that I can’t do, nor do I want to do with Office 365. The entire product suite can be intense. I prefer to refer out much of the work that’s outside my scope. If it’s outside your scope too, might as well hand off to someone that you can up-sell more with and earn a commission or tack on to your MSP services list. All my referrals are very open to either option. What you might find the most interesting in the E5, Migration assistance and SharePoint help (migrations, anything past basic help, etc). Check out my referral form here

$10 a month Outlook and Office 365 Helpdesk program

I get many emails and Facebook chats from techs asking for help on a specific issue. As much as I love helping, I need to bill for all my work in 2018. This program I created in 2017 is very helpful for those who are struggling with an issue, are exhausted with Googling and only have a few questions. Check out my program here

$10 Helpdesk training – Outlook Troubleshooting Video Training Course for Technicians

These videos are very in depth and great for a new hire or a junior tech, or even for a tech who has experience but wants a refresher for Outlook 2013 & 2016. This video set of 4 hours and 7 courses is $9.99 per user. I can offer a discount for companies that want their own copy for their own use. There is a lot more to these videos

$139 Technician Rate: By the hour Expert Outlook help

I can help you directly, I offer a discounted rate of $139. Or you can refer a client to me and you can earn a 15% commission. My regular fees range from $149 to $169.

You can also opt to buy a 4 hour ticket for you and your team to use in 15 min increments. I priced these the same as what I sell to my clients. Read more here

Call That Girl – 3 hour ticket $399, 8 hour ticket $899

I also sell prepay tickets to technicians who want to have my services available for their themselves or their tech teams. I sell these just like I sell to my clients. To read more

Office 365 -Outlook Training for end users – $99 for Raw Code Videos

I created a 9 bite sized course on using Outlook 2013 (and it works great for 2016), for end users to learn at their own pace on how to use the new Outlook. If you are upgrading your Exchange servers from 2007 to Office 365 Exchange and Outlook 2016, you know that some clients will need this training. Jumping four versions of Outlook might be a bit of a learning curve for some users. Not all the fun buttons are in the same place. I cover all of this in my training.

My training is not cookie cutter by any means because I am not a typical trainer. I talk to the end users like I am right there, over their shoulder doing personal training. For a preview of the videos, reach out to me and I’ll set you up with a copy to review online. If you purchase, you get the raw files you can edit and brand on your own. The videos have very little CTG branding, only in the email for the mailbox.

How buying these in bulk and in raw form will save your company money

  • Value add for new client sales
  • Your training helpdesk calls can be veered to the training videos
  • Aftercare time can be shortened by having the clients watch the videos on their own time, then schedule with you for anything not covered, saving your helpdesk for troubleshooting calls and tickets.

How the raw videos are sold

  • If you want to buy the raw video set and re-brand the videos, edit, and store on your own servers, I sell the complete set for $99.
  • Email for this purchase

Office 365 Migration Services 

These prices are only for techs that don’t have a CSP program setup or have a vendor relationship. If you want your own Vendor relationship, you can work with AppRiver, Adam and I both have accounts there and use them for our backup. Sign up here if you want to talk to my rep Steve Harris

Vendor Pricing, vendors charge more because they offer a premium support service (highly recommended) 

  • Office 365 Essentials $7.95 (Exchange only)
  • Office 365 Business (applications and OneDrive) $9.95
  • Office 365 Business Premium $16.00

Microsoft Pricing, Microsoft supported (not recommended unless you are CSP)

  • Office 365 Essentials $5.00
  • Office 365 Business (applications and OneDrive) $8.25
  • Office 365 Business Premium $12.50

Migration Labor or migrating all IMAP or Exchange email/calendar/contacts to Exchange Online (Office 365 Exchange)

  • Base starts at $125 per mailbox; includes email/calendar and contacts migration from another Exchange or Office 365 account or email only from another email host. This cost is to you the technician. You can mark up this to match your margin requirements.
  • Base starts at $150 per mailbox if your current Office 365 is hosted by GoDaddy. We charge more for this as there is more work involved with the migration process. You can mark up this to match your margin requirements.
  • Additional work is done by Lisa and time billed to a prepay support ticket if you need additional help.
  • Exclusions that could be additional charges: Windows update issues, malware removal, Office installation or repairs. As the technician, you would be responsible for all and any additional work.
  • Once you sign up, we will send over the onboarding documentation

SharePoint Migrations

$130 per site. If your client has one SharePoint site, but many sites under that, it’s $130 per “many site”. Hard to explain, but some clients have many sites for each department with permissions and such. This is a quote for you, you can charge your pricing on top of that.

NOTE! This is for a basic SharePoint migration, this does not include customization’s, templates, add-ins, etc. You will receive a scope of work and a formal proposal before moving ahead.


2018 SEO Package

  • $450 to get started
  • $175 a month for 10 blogs to keep momentum
  • The blogs can be done at any time during the month
  • No contracts, end at any time, start up again at any time


  • Start up package (prep work, research and everything I need to get going)
  • You select your top 10 keywords you want to be found for
  • Competition check (very valuable to know who you are competing against and where you currently rank)
  • Monthly spot check of Google Analytics/review of the reports emailed to you
  • Coaching for your team to do day to day blogs
Email me if you’re interested, thanks! 

Marketing & Sales Team help

  • Linkedin Tricks. You read it right, there are many tricks using LinkedIn that I consider non-traditional. Have your sales person work with me for a 30 min session and I will have them diving into LinkedIn on a daily basis!
  • Google Map tricks. Yes, there are tricks you can use for sales using the Google map to help you connect with other business owners in your area.
  • Competition checking on Google, this should be done with the sales and marketing team. Figure out where your top services compare with your competition and gain an advantage over their missing top services.
  • I can help teach your in-house marketing team extra tricks with seo and technical marketing training. Most companies want their in-house team to know more rather than paying for me to do it. I agree on this one because all teams need to work together to help. I can teach the techs how to do day to day blogging and the marketing team to do the SEO blogs, one back scratches the other.