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How I can help your IT business!

First! Do you have a training budget for your company? If so, this is a great education budget addition! My seo and marketing help should really be in that budget as it will be a huge help for your team in the future. Having a company do your SEO can be very expensive and you don’t learn anything. Think of what you are spending now and consider in-house training. My prepay tickets are fairly priced for any size business. Read the lists below, everything can be used on a 4 hour ticket!

Sales Team help

  • Linkedin Tricks. You read it right, there are many tricks using LinkedIn that I consider non-traditional. Have your sales person work with me for a 30 min session and I will have them diving into LinkedIn on a daily basis!
  • Google Map tricks. Yes, there are tricks you can use for sales using the Google map to help you connect with other business owners in your area.
  • Competition checking on Google, this should be done with the sales and marketing team. Figure out where your top services compare with your competition and gain an advantage over their missing top services.

Marketing Help

I can help teach your in-house marketing team extra tricks with seo and technical marketing training. Most companies want their in-house team to know more rather than paying for me to do it. I agree on this one because all teams need to work together to help. I can teach the techs how to do day to day blogging and the marketing team to do the SEO blogs, one back scratches the other.

Want to resell or white-label SEO and Marketing? 

I do have plans in progress to help you with my seo and marketing for your clients. Right now I am working with two folks to setup a good plan, so I’m not 100% ready yet. But hope to. We are looking to figure out some easy processes and procedures. Doing resellers without me talking to your clients directly takes a bit of work. Mostly, managing expectations. Marketing is not like advertising with instant calls. It takes time to work and needs consistency. Most larger businesses understand this, that’s why they have a marketing team. Small businesses tend to leave a venture early because they don’t get calls instantly and give up. I have years of experience of long term marketing payoffs and it was all my labor, not paying someone else. Anyway, more to come here! And…we are looking at adding Google ads and Facebook ads reselling/White-label too.

Office 365 -Outlook Training for end users

I created a 9 bite sized course on using Outlook 2013 (and it works great for 2016), for end users to learn at their own pace on how to use the new Outlook. If you are upgrading your Exchange servers from 2007 to Office 365 Exchange and Outlook 2016, you know that some clients will need this training. Jumping four versions of Outlook might be a bit of a learning curve for some users. Not all the fun buttons are in the same place. I cover all of this in my training.

My training is not cookie cutter by any means because I am not a typical trainer. I talk to the end users like I am right there, over their shoulder doing personal training. For a preview of the videos, reach out to me and I’ll set you up with a copy to review online. If you purchase, you get the raw files you can edit and brand on your own. The videos have very little CTG branding, only in the email for the mailbox.

How buying these in bulk and in raw form will save your company money

  • Value add for new client sales
  • Your training helpdesk calls can be veered to the training videos
  • Aftercare time can be shortened by having the clients watch the videos on their own time, then schedule with you for anything not covered, saving your helpdesk for troubleshooting calls and tickets.

There are a few ways you can purchase my videos

  • I have an affiliate program if you wish to resell my videos directly to your clients. These sell for $50 each. I pay $25 to each technician for the sale.
  • You can offer a bulk purchase from me, for orders larger than 5, I lower the fee to $15. I will create you a special code for your users and they can create their own accounts. You can have the clients purchase on their own or I can invoice and give them a 100% code.
  • If you want to buy the raw video set and re-brand the videos, edit, and store on your own servers, I sell the complete set for $1000. I do offer a free preview to the account manager to make sure the videos will meet your expectations. As a bonus, I also give your company a copy of the video training for technicians a $99 value.

Helpdesk training – Outlook Troubleshooting Training for Technicians

These videos are very in depth and great for a new hire or a junior tech, or even for a tech who has experience but wants a refresher for Outlook 2013 & 2016. This video set of 4 hours and 7 courses is $99 per user. I can offer a discount for companies that want their own copy for their own use. There is a lot more to these videos

Lisa’s Help

Outside of SEO and Marketing, most techs know me as an Outlook Expert and Office 365 consultant. This help can be used on the prepay ticket option or by the hour.

I can help you and your teams…

  • Learn sales and support (small business)
  • Outlook break/fix remote help
  • Office 365 consulting
  • Exchange migration coaching & assistance
  • Aftercare assistance


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Free information

Access to my experts

I have a pretty wide net of other experts I refer techs to for special needs. You can email me directly for their information

  • Microsoft Exchange Expert (great guy to know for anything above my level! Servers, AD, Hybrid, etc)
  • Business Contact Manager Expert
  • OneNote Expert
  • Outlook Training in person Expert
  • OneDrive Expert
  • SharePoint Migration Expert
  • Power BI Expert
  • Outlook customizing Expert

Outlook and Office 365 Resource Guide

This is a helpful guide to about everything I find online. I add to it when I find new stuff!

Check out my SharePoint Basics Training Video

Check out my Office 365 learning series on YouTube