How I Plan on Earning More Revenue by Using Referral Techs

One thing I learned in 2017 was I threw too much money out the window with clients and my social media contacts. I have inbound client requests that many times are outside of my services list. While I had a few referrals in place for calls I got more frequently, this year I got smarter and decided to offer even more. What got me thinking about this was SharePoint migration work. Once I found Dawn from a professional group I am a member of, I started thinking of others who I could refer work to. My goal was to find other specialized technicians who owned their own business, offered by the hour assistance and was fast to respond. All three were important for me because my clients are hiring me for those same reasons. Last week I created the “technician referral form” and am marketing it online to my clients and other technicians.

If you are a client, feel free to check out the form and see what services you need help with. Once I have the form, I will send to the technician and they will be in touch.

If you are a technician and a business owner, check out the form and see what you would like to offer to your clients. I will put you in touch with these folks, so you can create your own referral form and start earning money and open your services list to even more than what you can offer.

Here is a tip on how I plan to market this form

  • I keep in mind while I’m helping a client what else they might need help with
  • I’m adding it to my newsletters
  • Create a blog and share on social media
  • Add this service to your navigation bar

Please note! This form is an example of what you can offer for your clients to earn more revenue. I’m getting forms submitting from techs who want to be on my referral list, this form already has vetted techs for the services listed, if you have something new to offer, please email me at

Technical Referral Form

  • Please select one or all that apply
  • Please select one or all that apply
  • Please select one or all that apply
  • Please select one or all that apply
  • Please select one or all that apply
  • Please select one or all that apply
  • Please select one
  • We understand some folks are out searching for experts to work with on projects, please let us know your expected time to get started.
  • We understand that some projects might be 1 or 2 hours, many though can be into many hours and will require you to have a budget in place. Let us know what your budget is for your request.
  • Let us know what you would like help with, the more details the better we can evaluate if we can help and what time line is needed to get the work done and help with a quote on price.



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