Learn Marketing and SEO Yourself Final Tips

Tip #8

I will talk about content and engagement marketing. These all kind of roll together, but I’ll do my best to explain how this works and how you can use it for your online marketing. For this blog, I’ll discuss my two favorites, Facebook and LinkedIn. There are going to be a lot of graphic examples so you can see how I do it. Also, this blog is more geared for computer techs but even if you don’t work in the technical industry, you can figure it out for what you do.

Content marketing. This is just creating blogs and putting them out in your social media. Remember from tip #7, having a great title is helpful and add in graphics or throw in a video as they are more eye-catching. Below is an example of a quick Facebook page post I put out. Could I have added more to it? Maybe, it’s up to you and what you are putting out. Sometimes you need to do some testing. Try putting one out check results the next day. You can view the likes, comments, etc. If your blog didn’t do well, try again with another title or a different graphic. My example below is a very simple post, but this could be done many times with different calls to action, content, etc. in the post itself. In fact, that post has had many different versions.

The second graphic down is an example of posting about my seo and marketing blog series, I put a bit more into it and the views on my website did very well.

The third graphic down is an image of how that blog looks on my website and views overall from all the social media I did. I have to say, I’m not 100% sure the views are accurate, but the theme manages that not my Google Analytics. Notice I had a graphic of the “example” for the tip. I thought it was a creative way to be eye-catching.













































Engagement marketing

This is one of my favorites ways to market my business. I’m not sure about the work you do all day, onsite, bench, shop, store or remote only. I am remote only and do billable work all day long. I have one window up for my Outlook and remote software and the other is all my websites, online sites, social media, etc. I am a multi-tasker and I can do manage all my online marketing and my work during the day. If you can do this, here is what I recommend. I recommend having two or three monitors and use one for only social media with a tab open for each social media. This makes it easy to just tab around and see what’s going on.


Your own Facebook Page

Most people I know also send out their company blogs and such on their own pages. My friends don’t pay attention to my business blogs, I barely get any likes from my own page. Maybe I’m not as popular as I think here but I think personal pages people just skim by the boring stuff. I still put out good blogs though or sales on occasion but in all fairness, I am busy on Facebook doing other things that I don’t really post on my own page that often.

Facebook Business Page 

This is a bit different as you usually can only post on your own page, it’s then a game of hope if people engage back. I find that if I just put out boring stuff, I get nothing. For a few months, I hired this company https://noware.tech/services/geekgrrl to post on my page everyday and I found it really helped with getting likes and views. I discontinued using the service because I wanted to try some stuff on my own now that I have my new website up. But I recommend using NoWare if you don’t want to do any Facebook postings and have a decent following. They use unique meme’s and funny graphics that are eye catching!

Of course you can do more things with the page, I don’t do much more than just post blogs to the page. I follow this page and find their postings a bit funny, check it out and get ideas for your own page. https://www.facebook.com/amicatech

Facebook News Feed

For my own news feed, I subscribe to many other tech Facebook pages and of course, other feeds that are more for personal entertainment. I pay attention to the other technician’s page posts so I can keep up on what’s going on with Windows updates, viruses, cyber security, etc. I often like the post or comment. I don’t comment to get a reaction, only if I feel a comment is helpful or can add value to it. Liking it though it encouraged as the person posting will probably go back and see who liked it. This is engagement marketing. They know you liked it and think of you, your business or whatever. Remember marketing is not advertising but staying in people’s minds and if they need help, they think of you because you’ve been out there marketing yourself and your business. I never fake like stuff for marketing purposes, if I like it, I do like it! I share it if I feel my folks need to read it.

Facebook Groups

In the Facebook Groups, I post about my blogs, sales and such but try to not over do it. I have a schedule and rotate information around all the online and try to stick to it. Some may say “Oh Lisa, you post way too much”, but I believe they may think that because I am one of the few that actually are out doing this type of marketing.  I’m out there, I’m visible. While it may appear like I am posting too much. I guarantee you if a computer tech who has seen my marketing out there has a really tough Outlook problem, they know who to call. And the good news, if someone thinks you post too much and don’t like seeing your stuff, they can block you on Facebook and the problem is solved.

Another thing I learned about engaging on Facebook and in groups…is engaging with others in their posts. Be helpful, give advice, and don’t put your information out until the time is right.  Example…I’m in a tech group and people post about questions they have trying to fix Outlook. I try to help the best I can for free, by either posting back answers or give a link to my blogs, videos, etc. Sometimes I let them know they can hire me as it’s too complicated to fix in a post comment. That is how it has to be, I can’t type out answers forever but I do my best! To close this part of the groups, I have to say that I enjoy seeing people posting questions and seeing what others offer for answers. I learn a lot from reading, it’s a great way to keep me in tune with what’s going on out there.

Before you go and start posting your articles and such, be sure to get to know the group first, and read the rules. Some groups are pretty strict on what they allow to be posted. Some don’t allow promotions but allow learning blogs. One example is a group I’m in https://www.facebook.com/groups/computerbusinessmarketing. I know the rules and posting this blog is allowed but if I post about something I sell, not allowed. When in doubt, ask an admin or mod before posting.

A Facebook tech friend, Barry Arendt uses Facebook local marketing to his advantage. The group he’s in (a local garage sales group of 23,000) allows people to post in there outside of the “garage sales topics” and he goes live within the group, talks about his business and then after, the video stays in the group feed.

Pages you follow

I follow some pages like LadBible. On occasion I post or comment and if someone happens to check out my profile, well they see this…never miss a marketing opportunity! I change this up about every two weeks or so. This is also good for other groups if you are engaging in them. People love checking out other people’s profiles and snooping around. Take advantage of that!













Facebook Page – Posts, Ads & Boosts


My experience with Facebook ads hasn’t been the best. I tried myself and found it all very complicated and too much for me to want to learn myself. I found a guy who offered to do it for free to get experience. I created him an account and he did a good job, but he planned on selling these at a pretty high billable rate after out testing was completed. I did the math on that and found that I didn’t feel this would work for me. He was hoping to charge $700 to $1000 a month to manage ads. Maybe I gave up too early on it but overall…It wasn’t for me. But was for me was the option to “Boost Post” a post. I found it very easy to setup an audience and create. What I do is make the post, make sure it looks good and leave it up for a day or so and see if people like it and then boost it for a few bucks. Here is one I did on Dec 19th. See below two graphics, one of the boost post and one of the results so far, 129 views for $10? That’s a great deal! By the way… if you only service or sell locally, your results might differ.

Be sure that you also create the audience that will work best for you. Since I market internationally to computer techs for my blogs and sales, I had to do some testing to figure out the best audience. Global worldwide ended up costing me a lot in the first day because the keywords were too broad, but instead of changing the keywords, I limited my audience to only five countries.

























LinkedIn Feeds

Just like on Facebook, when you go to LinkedIn it shows your feeds from your contacts, aka…posts, likes, shares, etc. This is where I post my blogs, articles, sales, etc. You can post pretty much anything you want, links and graphics, etc. Your contacts can view what you post, very much the same as Facebook. If you scroll through your LinkedIn feeds once or twice a day and comment and like, you will get folks that check on that and just like FB, they will look at your profile and snoop around. Marketing is all about getting your name out there, so be sure your LinkedIn Profile is filled out, especially your title and main info. See example below.

LinkedIn Articles

  • If you have a bit of a wordsmith in you and love writing, then you should publish an article. I reviewed this in blog #7 so I won’t get into detail again, read the blog here https://callthatgirl.com/learn-marketing-and-seo-yourself-tip-7 and read the others too! I have many articles published and one went “viral” and now has over 80,000 views and it helped me rank in Google with many search words. Check it out here, Google “gmail outlook issues” very simple search. I have the two top searches. This all came from the LinkedIn article I posted in 2015.

LinkedIn Groups

  • Back in the day, groups on LinkedIn were amazing! They definitely were the place to be for marketing and not just in your own town but nationally. Now, I use groups just like everyone else. I post a blog there and hope others see it. I also hope that it makes it to the group members inbox, one of the best parts of LinkedIn as that it works with emails much better than Facebook.

LinkedIn Contacts

  • The big question! Should you export your contacts from LinkedIn into your email marketing? Well, if you are sneaky you can do it. Don’t name the list “LinkedIn” or else you will be up for a list review, like I was many times over! Next question, will it anger a bunch of people and they hit the “spam” button on the emails and get you in trouble with blacklists or your email marketing company. Or worse yet…get angry emails from those folks. That might happen. I stopped adding in LinkedIn contacts to my email marketing campaigns years ago, I found it wasn’t worth it.


That’s it folks! Thanks for checking out my last blog of the year. I was going to keep doing more of these tips in a series, but the series is ending here. The blogs I was going to add on as tips, are now going to be just regular blogs. This blog series is also now going to be a downloadable eBook to help encourage folks to sign up for my newsletter.

Best wishes to you all and good luck with marketing in 2018!






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