Learn Marketing and SEO yourself Tip #1

Tip #1

First, let’s talk about the most important thing when you talk Marketing in any business…how much time do you want to put in? Do you want to learn how to do the marketing that I do and do it yourself? You will save a lot of money but you also have to learn to be consistent. I created and follow a “social media and marketing schedule” that I use as my daily to do list and it keeps me on my toes! If you read my list and thought, “oh, no I don’t want to do that” then doing marketing yourself is not the best option. For you it will require you to hire it out to another company. One of my final blogs will have a lot of information for hiring it out to other people. Lots of tips there and you will want to read my next blog about your budget.

Creating a blog post is not really that hard, even if you don’t like writing. Creating a newsletter is not hard either if you use a template (I use one). Podcasting is easy if you like talking, the rest is technically not hard to do either. Nothing is hard, it’s just learning how to do it and being consistent. In my blog series I will not go into deep training on each but offer the tips, so you can figure it out or hire me to help you learn it.

Here is a bit of homework for you while you wait for my next blog. Again, think about how much interest you have in learning new ideas, time you will need to put in get things going and being consistent. If you have no marketing budget and want to do it yourself, you will need to also schedule time for yourself to do it. It might be during your workday if you don’t work after 5:00, for you 24×7 folks it might be nights/weekends. For me, I just keep it rolling all the time, during my workday, nights, weekends. I write when I feel creative or get a good idea. Many good ideas come right from my own clients! I listen to them and they often tell me many interesting stories. I keep notes every day in a notepad and review those for blogs/newsletters, podcast ideas.

Final homework, review your current marketing. What are you doing now? Write a list of everything you are actively doing/paying for, etc. Also write a list of the past things you did- free or paid and then review those results. Also….go through your clients in the past month and see if you know how those folks found you. If you are not tracking that, NOW is the time! Start asking all new clients, “how did you hear of us” and in a month or so, you can create a spreadsheet and start seeing what is the common answer and you can work off that.

Want to read the next blog? It will be about budgets and a review of your homework from this blog.

I will push the blogs out via my social media and in my newsletters.

Want to hire me to help?

As much as I love Outlook and Office 365 work, I love marketing and helping people as much as I can. Marketing and SEO blogging is second nature to me, so offering both feels very comfortable. I’m good with offering both on a ticket at the same time if you happen to need all my support, Outlook, Office 365 and Marketing coaching.

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  • Tell me what you love the most about marketing, what excites you when you do things yourself?
  • Feel free to tell me everything, some businesses hate marketing because they feel there is no return on their investment, some folks think it's a waste of time, etc. Just tell me everything so I know more about you.
  • Knowing this is super important as we might be able to create a similar campaign to align with what works or find something very similar.
  • Most business owners I know do not have a budget, they just see an opportunity and figure out the risk vs reward. I honestly do this too, but you need to figure out a budget of sorts as some marketing might take some money to do, software to purchase, etc.

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