Learn Marketing and SEO yourself Tip #3

Tip #3

the biggest and probably best of all the blogs to come. Now that you’ve read the first two blogs we can get down to the real work! Ah but I will let you know, the SEO secrets are way down the line, so if you’re hoping to skip right to that, you have to wait a few blogs. You need to learn a bit about blogging first.

Do you have a website for your company? Yes? Is it on WordPress? If Yes, you are good to go to keep reading. No? You’re on a different platform? Read this anyway and you might be able to do the blogs form your Joomla or Magento, etc. Whatever you have might have a blogging add-in and the techniques for SEO might work. The blogs will work I hope for other things, newsletters, social media, etc. But I have found the SEO Blogging I do, does well with WordPress.

If you have a great site and can’t use the blogging, then you can buy a domain, (do your domain.net) and install WordPress and try to style and design it to look like your other site, but keep it very simple! The .net domain can simple because it will only be for blogging and to get you found on the internet.

Now you have a blog. Are you blogging? Do you know what to blog about? For me, I do blogging in many ways. I do SEO Blogging of course, this is exact blogs to help me get found on the internet. People search and find what my blog is and then decide to call and hire me. I also do error blogging. When I fix an error, I blog it and then technicians or end users find the error and it’s either helpful or they call me to hire me to help. I hope the latter! I also do just day to day blogging. These blogs can be stories or just interesting things, I have a few goodies out now, mostly GoDaddy blogs, not really pitches to hire me but more like a warning to readers. These of course can be found by searching the internet too. Finally, I do sometimes create the bait click blogs. I’m not talking about Fake News but more like “5 ways to stop a scammer in their tracks” or “4 ways to know you’re getting a call from a scammer.”

Blogs are the most wonderful outlet for content marketing I have ever seen. Of course, it’s all I have ever known too. As you read in tip 1 and 2, I was always into doing marketing myself and blogs were my marketing. I use them in many areas.

If you happen to have blog setup and do blogging now, how consistent are you? Do you have “Blog” listed on your navigation menu on your website? Have you hired a blogging service?

Let’s start with what you might be doing wrong. Since I started helping techs with their SEO this past summer, I have found a mish/mash of good and bad blogs. Some folks hire a service to do a blog, some subscribe to newsletters and use that as a blog, but if you’re not getting the blog out to the public via SEO or social media…what’s the point? I also have an issue with techs who put the blog link on the nav bar and have old blogs or nothing there. I learned from Bryce Whitty from Technibble the value of your “above the fold”, which means basically what people see at the top half of the website. If you look at the top of this blog, all I have is a huge banner and my nav bar, which is very simple. No link to blog. My blogs are too informative for a new person finding me to drift off to never never land. Plus, most of my clients found me via a blog and I don’t want them cruising through my all my weird blogs lol. I laugh because my blogs are not all “informative”.

Let’s say you are blogging pretty good from your own writing or subscribing to a service, a few times a week or a month and your Google Analytics show you are getting a decent amount of traffic from the blogs. Have you been tracking if those are converting to any calls or contact forms submitted? Do you have a contact us form or call to action on the blogs? If not, consider doing that right now. I recall my first out of state call back in 2012 for an Outlook repair issue. I will never forget asking the client “how did you find me” and they said through one of your blogs. And that folks is when the magic started. I had been blogging about Outlook for years. In fact, I had such passion for it, the right market (LinkedIn) and I shared those blogs with my newsletters and LinkedIn groups, it started to make sense. During 2012, I was lucky to have a rock star marketing assistant and we created so many blogs for all the marketing.

It was that year that I also figured out SEO blogging. I had stores then and wanted to compete with “Minneapolis computer repair” searches. I was on page 6. That’s horrible! For six months I spent many nights working on the analytics, competition checking and worked on the blogs with my assistant. I had a huge spreadsheet we shared and worked on the blogs. I got to page one, took a while and many nights working them over, but to this day…I still rank in Google, even though I closed my stores in 2013 and stopped all blogging on that topic. You can see by my graphic below that the blog that still ranks was probably one of the last ones I did before I started focusing only on Outlook.

Ok folks, that’s enough for this blog. I have many more to go. Your homework from this blog is to figure out if you are blogging, if you need to to do the domain.net bog (your name just .net and install WordPress) or remove that nav bar, review your analytics, so much to do, you have a week! And read tips 1 and 2 below.

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