Learn Marketing and SEO yourself Tip #7

This week folks I talk about two different types of blogging that any computer business can do. Error blogging and blogging for “clicks” or what the interwebs might call “click bait” but really it’s more like this “Eye-catching titles” such as…. “4 reasons to not turn off your computer” or “3 ways to avoid getting scammed over the internet.” It’s not a click bait article in a bad way as you are not baiting them to an sites full of ads but to your good content.  It is a good way to get people to click, read, learn and get to your website.

You want people to read your article and the “numbers + a title” seems to capture people. I don’t always do the numbers, sometimes I say other things like “Why you should check your spam folder more” or something similar. Keep these short and to the point. If you have a longer blog with more details, I recommend linking to it from the shorter one. I have many blogs that I use for my own linking inside my website. That blog is “Call That Girl’s Guide to Microsoft OST Files” and I have many blogs linked to that one. This type of blog is more of a “Learning blog” but it has good purpose. I’ll cover that in the blog #8.

I’ll start with Error Blogging. If you fix an error on your own without Googling it or Google’d it and didn’t find the exact answer, then create a blog with that title. If you buy my SEO for WordPress eBook you can learn how to blog it out to rank better. But you have to have some authority in Google to rank on page 1 -sometimes you get lucky though and can rank on page 1. I have many in fact, 100’s of blogs using the words “Outlook” so I can rank pretty high fast and sometimes beat Microsoft but that took years to happen. But if you have an exact error, you might get lucky. I have many that don’t have anything to do with Outlook and I rank high for. Examples…below is a graphic of my top 10 blogs for this week. The CenturyLink/ Comcast blog I put out in 2012 https://callthatgirl.biz/how-to-troubleshoot-your-internet-connection-before-calling-century-link-or-comcast  started ranking in Google and I’m not even sure how I got ranked for it but it’s been up for many years and I still get about 1000 hits a month from it. I have ads on the side of it to get folks to sign up for my newsletters or buy my $10 helpdesk. As you might not generate a repair call from this blog, use the space to advertise other things you can offer or sell on that page.

Next…The Eye-Catching Titles. This is an easy one…create a blog and create a list of learning opportunities and name it something smart! You might not rank high in Google, but these are great for social media and newsletters. I do many types of blogs for different reasons, I never know what is going to be a hit or shared, etc…but if you don’t get content out there, your website doesn’t get clicks.

There are a few reason I like these blogs, they are great for…

  • Newsletters
  • Social media pushes
  • Facebook boost posts
  • LinkedIn articles and group shares
  • A day to day blog to compliment your other SEO blogs (get tagging!)

Let’s look at my number 1 blog, 583 clicks this week alone. I got this by accident believe it or not. This was not a blog that I had any idea it would go viral (for me, this is viral!). I posted an article on Linkedin in August of 2015 just being helpful. View it here on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/5-common-issues-gmail-has-microsoft-outlook-lisa-hendrickson This started actually bringing in calls from people and I was noticing and tracking. Then I got the bright idea to tack on even more SEO love from that blog, I added a blog “How to setup Gmail in Outlook” and that blog now is ranking well in Google (page 2) and I get clicks from this LinkedIn article, double bang for my buck! (only took my time!) Most folks say LinkedIn is how they found me. That article has over 80,000 views in 2 years.

So to close, using your posts (blogs) in WordPress can have enormous value if you really want to go the extra mile and these are especially helpful if you want a clientele outside of your area, national? I am now international so every blog I do counts.

Be sure to check out my other blog tips here at https://callthatgirl.com/learn-marketing-and-seo-yourself-blog-series every blog is free to read, all I ask is you buy my SEO for WordPress ebook to learn the basics of an SEO blog. Just $5! Blogging was a huge help for me to market my Outlook and Office 365 services.


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