Marketing Training

Hi folks, welcome to my SEO and Marketing help site. If you are new to Call That Girl, I run an Outlook and Office 365 troubleshooting company over at my sister site This site has been up for 10 years and is chock full of all my current seo and marketing love. With this new business service, I decided to start fresh on a new website because honestly, I am afraid to change what works over there. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it! Clients tell me all the time how much they love my website there, everything they needed to know about me was above the fold. The SEO I have done all by hand, not using SEO tools. Just my own smarts and I rank very well for many keywords. So yeah, letting that stay there. Moving ahead over here and this site is where I can do more fun things as I don’t mind playing around with the pretty buttons.

I decided to start up this service line because I want to help clients and computer techs learn my magic and they can help themselves. Doing everything on the list below is what I do day to day or when I need it. I have learned it all myself, and it’s not hard to learn. Fill out the widget on the side bar to get started or contact me with the form at the bottom.

I was told this week, “I need a technical person that does marketing…not a marketing person that tries to sound like a tech”. Not every tech knows marketing, I know the tech business and that’s why I have a many technical businesses as clients.

Below is the core list of what I can help you with, I also can do the work too for you with my prepay tickets. I don’t have a monthly retainer or managed service plan.

  • SEO blogging training. I will train you how to do it yourself, or you can hire my referral to do it. What is SEO training? Get found on the internet without paying for ads. If you do a search “Your service + your town” this is where folks look to find you. If you are not being found, you can’t be called right? Get found! My easy training helps you learn SEO blogging techniques that you can do yourself. If you don’t have time, I have packages where I do it for you.
  • Day to day blogging. I will train you how to do daily posts with SEO to get the most bang for your buck on your time doing these.
  • Newsletter training. Newsletter needs to have analytics and great call to action. I can teach you how to make awesome newsletters that can get you better open rates, call in and calls later. And I will teach you how to add your day to day blogs to the newsletters, make it all count!
  • Facebook Page Boost Training. I learned a bit about this “boost” feature, honestly it was easier to do than ad. The Facebook ad campaigns can be a bit difficult I have found and you probably need to pay someone to manage it. I chose to do the boosts for a smaller fee and use my blogs for the content! WiN!
  • Social media training. Learn simple ways to post your updates and get on a consistent schedule! LinkedIn and Facebook are different. I can show you some neat LinkedIn free marketing tips that you can start doing on a daily basis. Expand your local network, slowly market your skills and talents to them. Also again, you can use the day to day blogs for social media!
  • Basic WordPress help. Many of my clients have a WordPress site, but never do anything with it. Time to get into it and make it part of your company again!
  • Google Analytics Review. Did you know you can easily check your website statistics? I can help you set this up and check weekly on your progress with your blogs, seo and newsletters.
  • Setting up more marketing tools I use. Oh yes, I have a few tricks up my sleeve. I will help setup and train you on these.
  • Competition checking. Ah, never thought about where you rank compared to your competition? I can show you easy ways to do a spot check on who is doing what and how they are working Google.
  • Google map marketing. Never heard of this? Well…if you are in a support business, all your clients are on the Google Maps.
  • Learn how to sell and support prepay tickets like I do! These are an awesome way to get in a better cash sale and keep your calendar available for those “quick helpdesk calls”. Doesn’t matter what business you are in, if you offer support, you can offer a prepay.
  • Specific Outlook and Office 365 coaching
  • YouTube video, editing, publishing and SEO. YouTue
  • Podcasting, create a podcast. Podcasting can be a great marketing value add on. If you enjoy talking and have a few things you can talk about on a consistent basis, podcasting might be for you. I can teach you how to do some simple setup, recording, uploading to a podcast site and how to promote your show via your social media and newsletters.
  • Help with marketing decisions. Sometimes it’s good to get a 2nd opinion before investing in some expensive program
  • Help with getting more quotes for larger decisions such as new website design or a re-do. Many folks don’t know other people wh0 can do it, I know many people who can do it and can give other offers
  • Business in a funk? I’ve been there, good time to book time with me. I’m energetic and can create a few new ideas to get you charged up again.
  • Anything else? Just ask!
  • Finding affordable people to help with marketing. Many folks like me do small projects or by the hour work.

What is included? 

  • Homework. Very important to coaching and mentoring. I even give my Outlook clients homework. You will take what I trained you on, and use those skills to do some on your own. Then I can check your work later or during our next appointment.
  • Documentation of each call
  • Purchase of tickets do not expire, so use as you wish. Need a 1-hour appt to get kick started? Use the other 3 hours in short increments of time or later.


I have decided to have the exact same rates for help as I do for my Outlook and Office 365 consulting work. $139 per hour, best used in a 4 hour prepay ticket $499. We will start with a 30 or 60-minute consultation and then after can schedule 15-30 min calls unless a one hour is necessary. As I said above, this ticket can include Outlook and Office 365 help. I’m trying to merge both together.

Call That Girl is not a marketing agency and we will not be running & managing campaigns or doing anything but do the simple stuff (SEO and Google ads) for you or train you and your team how to do it.

To get on my calendar use my online form below, fill out the form on the side widget “get started” or if you want to chat first, use the comments area and I will be in touch!