Migration Coaching Package

I get many requests via email, on Facebook and on tech forums asking for help with general email & Outlook help and Microsoft Exchange migrations. I have created a great learning package for a new tech to jump in and get going. Once you learn how to do migrations, you will feel more confident to start selling, doing the work, doing the aftercare and offering on-going support.

Migration Coaching Package, this page is in progress….pricing undetermined yet! I’ve done a lot of coaching so I’m trying to figure out what the right¬† price is here. Email me if you want to talk lisa@callthatgirl.com

  • Help you figure out partner or reseller plans with vendors or CSP
  • How to do a phone sales pitch for Office 365
  • Forms and surveys/use mine or I will help you setup on your website
  • Help with your first manual migration if you want to learn, typically 2 hours
  • Quick question coaching via email or short phone calls
  • Copy of my Outlook Training Video Course
  • Copy of my Outlook Training videos
  • Copy of my Microsoft Exchange eBook
  • 6 month subscription to my Quick question helpdesk
  • Discounted hourly rates if you need me help on future jobs
  • Office 365 Security PowerPoint Template
  • Introduction to my migration team to use for future migration labor
  • How to sell prepay tickets for on-going support