Need Proof?

Many folks want to see proof of SEO skills before hiring someone. SEO companies typically don’t want to share, but I’m willing to share. Below is a list of all the keywords I rank for with my other website (Where I market and sell my Outlook and Office 365 services). Now you might ask, why aren’t these words pointing to this site? A website needs to have authority for some keywords for Google to work with you. Brand new sites can take a very long time to get authority.

After nine years, I was able to buy the .com of my business. So like you (maybe?) I am starting from scratch on this website. In time, I’ll get there! SEO can take a very long time for some words and some can get page 1 in just a a few minutes. I know how to get folks ranked quickly with my years of SEO expertise.

Here are the keywords

  • WordPress SEO Expert
  • Outlook Expert
  • Office 365 Expert
  • Outlook Consultant
  • Office 365 Vendors
  • G Suite Expert
  • OneNote Expert
  • OneDrive Expert
  • Google Apps Expert
  • Gsuite Expert
  • Microsoft Exchange Expert
  • Office 365 migration experts