Non-Tech Referrals

Below is a list of two referrals, one is for my answering service and the other is for my online scheduling program. Both companies I have been with for a couple of years and am happy to promote.

Need an answering service?

APLV is the company I use that is based out of Las Vegas (where I live) and I’ve been with them over two years now. They typically answer the phone “Thank you for calling Call That Girl….” and they ask the issue the clients call in with, gets their name, email and phone number. I instantly get a message in my email. I have the phone number scripted so I can click on it from my phone and it dials it. Makes it very convenient for me. They have live answering 24 hours a day and they drop marketing sales calls, so I almost never one from my 612 number (the one on my website and other online marketing).

They have a base service fee and then charge per minute after you go over the base. Some months, I have a higher bill but it usually matches my busier times. The only time I considered leaving was when I tried another service and I asked the manager at APLV to keep my account going in case I wanted to come back. The other company I was going to try promised me so much more and in three days, they fell short. I called and got back on APLV instantly.  Drop my name and I earn a $100 credit! Thanks for supporting! Call them at 702-388-7377


Need an online scheduling program? 

I have used vCita now for over two years and I love the program. I have used one before but with my online appointments with clients around the country and internationally getting out of hand, this program has helped save me many hours of “What time zone are you in” and all that extra clutter. Cost is about $300 a year but well worth it if you do a lot of remote client help. I believe there is a free version too.

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A few things I enjoy the most about this program

  • Easy to use online scheduler program
  • Customization for my brand
  • Time zones match the clients time zone
  • I have automated rules after clients schedule
    • Fill out my client agreement form
    • Helpful tips
    • Payment
  • Collect data for me to export and do analysis