Office 365 Hacking Phishing Security PowerPoint Template

$10 for the Office 365 Security PowerPoint and Admin PDF

$5 for the client version only


Hi everyone, I had a client request information about hacking/phishing and Office 365 security to share with their team once they are migrated to Office 365. I wasn’t sure how to go about this so I told her I would create a video. Well, once I got thinking about it, there wasn’t much to show them other than some samples of phishing emails but I had more content to share. So I decided it was best to make a PowerPoint.  The PowerPoint has approximately 38  slides of information and email examples of phishing/hacking. The Admin PDF has easy instructions on how to set up 2-step verification and Multi-Factor Authentication and some other security check in the admin portal. This might get revised and if so, I’ll send out an updated version.

After I was done, I decided this would be helpful for other technicians who want to offer to their clients or to use for group presentations. The PowerPoints can be

  • Customized to your liking
  • Remove my branding/name
  • Change the templates, colors, fonts etc.
  • You can add on information, remove or do whatever you wish with it.
  • You can add your own voice to it and make it a video
  • Save it as a PDF to share online, in your newsletters, blogs, social media, etc

I am selling this presentation set as a template only. You are free to use it as is or you can spice it up all you want. The only thing I ask is that you do not sell the information.

PowerPoint contains Approx 38 slides with samples of phishing emails

  • First alerts
  • What phishers/hackers do
  • How to tell if an email is fake or not
  • The Don’ts
  • The Do’s
  • How to know you’ve been hacked
  • What to look for after you’ve been hacked
  • How to prevent and protect
  • What is 2-step and MFA?
  • Myths!
  • After you’ve been hacked
  • Screenshot Examples of phishing emails
  • The admin information will be in a PDF attached.

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