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Hi everyone, below are links to everything I help technicians learn, sell and support.

Referrals for Office 365

I depend on my referrals for Office 365 to keep my business flowing. There are many things that I can’t do, nor do I want to do with Office 365. The entire product suite can be intense. I prefer to refer out much of the work that’s outside my scope. If it’s outside your scope too, might as well hand off to someone that you can up-sell more with and earn a commission or tack on to your MSP services list. All my referrals are very open to either option. What you might find the most interesting in the E5, Migration assistance and SharePoint help (migrations, anything past basic help, etc). Check out my referral form here

Office 365 Podcast

Exchange Migration Coaching

Office 365 Migration Outsourcing

Outlook and Office 365 Resource Guide FREE

Office 365 Security PowerPoint and Admin Guide $10

Outlook and Office 365 $10 Quick Question Helpdesk

Outlook Training for Technicians $10

Raw Code Videos for Break/Fix and MSP to own/edit $99

Personal Outlook Training for anyone $10