Office 365 Migration Outsourcing Information

Hi Techs, at the top are pricing for Office 365, and the migration help is below. Please keep in mind that all migration jobs are different, so quotes might vary up or down depending on the surveys done.

The reason why Adam and I are offering migration assistance is because many techs don’t do migrations very often.  Keeping up with the technical aspects of Office 365 and Outlook 2016 can be a lot to catch up with when you don’t do them often. We offer this help by the project, no ongoing fees or monthly subscriptions, etc. If you want us to help you with aftercare and on-going support, we are glad to work on a prepay ticket solution. See in my notes below the pricing.

Microsoft Office 365 Pricing

These Office 365 prices are only for techs that don’t have a CSP program setup or have a vendor relationship. If you want your own Vendor relationship, you can work with AppRiver, Adam and I both have accounts there and use them for our backup. Sign up here if you want to talk to my rep Steve Harris

Vendor Pricing, vendors charge more because they offer a premium support service (highly recommended) 

  • Office 365 Essentials $7.95 (Exchange only)
  • Office 365 Business (applications and OneDrive) $9.95
  • Office 365 Business Premium $16.00

Microsoft Pricing, Microsoft supported (not recommended unless you are CSP)

  • Office 365 Essentials $5.00
  • Office 365 Business (applications and OneDrive) $8.25
  • Office 365 Business Premium $12.50

Migration Labor or migrating all IMAP or Exchange email/calendar/contacts to Exchange Online (Office 365 Exchange)

  • Base starts at $125 per mailbox; includes email/calendar and contacts migration from another Exchange or Office 365 account or email only from another email host. This cost is to you the technician. You can mark up this to match your margin requirements.
  • Base starts at $150 per mailbox if your current Office 365 is hosted by GoDaddy. We charge more for this as there is more work involved with the migration process. You can mark up this to match your margin requirements.
  • Additional work is done by Lisa and time billed to a prepay support ticket if you need additional help.
  • Exclusions that could be additional charges: Windows update issues, malware removal, Office installation or repairs. As the technician, you would be responsible for all and any additional work.
  • Contact us for a quote for POP to Exchange, these require additional information.

Call That Girl – 4 hour ticket $499, 8 hour ticket $899

  • Fine tuning after migration that is not included in the migration
  • iCloud calendar and contacts migrated to new Exchange
  • Adding of additional email accounts, internet calendars
  • Adding of Google calendar and contacts to new Exchange
  • IT administration/Helpdesk for future needs
  • Training
  • SharePoint setup
  • OneDrive setup
  • Teams training
  • Bookings training
  • Shared calendars
  • Phone setup

Microsoft Office 365 On-boarding and Migration

As the technician in charge of the project, you are the POC (Point of Contact). I highly recommend using forms to send to your clients if you do not have them. Feel free to copy my information from my forms. I normally am the “Migration manager” but you would replace me in the following instructions. If you want me to be the migration manager, please email me at, glad to help!

Once your company has decided to move foward with working with us, we ask that the POC (Point of Contact) of the company migration fill out this form. Once we get the agreement, the migration is in progress.

Then we ask the POC to send this form to all employees

After Lisa and Adam receive the forms and survey, they will evaluate and email the POC with a formal invoice and game plan for the migration and schedule the migration.

Everything else is handled by Adam from this point on. We do ask that the POC be responsible for insuring all employees read their emails during this migration time. It’s very important as each employee will be responsible for doing their own Outlook setup. If at any time someone needs help, Adam will be available to assist, having the employees do the setup makes it faster for them to get their email back and running faster.

Migrations are scheduled for Wednesdays.

  • Employees follow the instructions from the email to download the Outlook Assistant
  • On the day of the migration we will inform the main point of contact (PoC) that email will stop flowing temporarily while we change the MX records.
  • Once the records are changed you will be able to use Outlook Web Access ( to gain access to your email since Outlook will be sluggish/non-responsive while it is importing all of your data (email/contacts/calendars).
  • At this time you will need to follow the instructions that were provided on how to create a new Outlook profile.
  • If there are any questions the POC reach out to Adam for remote assistance. At this time we will only be setting up the Exchange/Migrated accounts in Outlook.
  • If you have personal accounts such as Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail etc. you can add these to Outlook and if there are any issues you may contact Lisa for aftercare assistance.
  • Data will download overnight, it’s recommended that users turn off sleep mode if leaving at 5:00

Day after migration

  • Adam is available for migration assistance that is included in onboarding.
  • We recommend all employees create a list of aftercare issues and schedule time with Lisa
  • Lisa can be scheduled to be available to help with aftercare or employees may opt to use her online scheduler to find a time that works for them.

Contact to get started and schedule time to discuss your migration.