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Technicians spend a lot of time helping clients learn Outlook especially after an upgrade and Exchange migrations. Training in groups can be time intensive on the employees and the team doing the training. What I tell folks is watch these videos first, then spend your training time on answering questions that were missed in the training or more specified for that company’s needs. These videos will save you time and money and offer each employee an opportunity to watch when they have time. Each video was created in short bites of time to keep the employee engaged and wanting to learn and watch the next video. As I personally did the training videos, I made sure that I talked in a personal manner, not like a typical cookie cutter trainer, I offer many examples of out of the box tricks and why folks need to know them.


Raw Code Outlook Training Videos $99 Email Lisa@callthatgirl.com for information. I have an online samples if you would like to view them first.

Get your own copy for your business to train clients. Buy once, offer many times! 9 videos in short segments for a total of 1.5 hours. Created in Outlook 2013 but very applicable for 2016.

  • Brand your own business
  • Edit all you want
  • Buy once use many times
  • Host on your own server
  • Value add for new clients
  • Perfect for a Office upgrade training and migrations


Created by a Microsoft Outlook Expert

These videos also apply to Outlook 2013 & 2016

ctg2Lisa Hendrickson is a well-known Outlook expert and a working email technician, consistent technical blogger and avid Outlook user for over 16 years. 

Outlook is the number one business application used for email communications, document sharing, calendar appointments and contact management – but most people only know the basics. If you knew more about how to use it and be efficient, just think of how much better of an experience you will have with the Outlook. Most people only use about 20% of what Outlook is capable of. Learn the other 80% in these videos.

The 9 videos…

  • Have over 100 topics with step by step instructions and, more importantly, WHY you want to use a feature or the benefit of that feature.
  • Include many new and interesting tips on things you don’t get in standard training via the web or during a 1-hour webinar
  • Were created so you feel like Lisa is right there next to you, showing you how to work Outlook.
  • Contain no fluffy stuff you already know, Lisa only added in topics that she felt you would not probably know. “I didn’t know I could do that”.
  • Buy the videos and watch at your own pace. Each video was created in short 5-15 minute segments so you stop and practice and come back. 

9 videos in short segments for a total of 1.5 hours

  • Outlook Basics – 2 videos
  • Outlook Advanced 2 videos
  • Outlook Super Advanced 2 videos
  • Microsoft Exchange 2 videos
  • Email Management Tips 1 video


Raw Code Outlook Training Videos $99 Email Lisa@callthatgirl.com for information. I have an online samples if you would like to view them first.


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