Outlook Troubleshooting Training For Technicians


Are You a Technician Looking for Ways to Increase Your Skills, Rates, and Profits?

This Powerful 7-Hour Course Will Turn You Into an Outlook Pro

If you make your living troubleshooting and supporting programs for other businesses, chances are you have run into more than your fair share of puzzling Outlook and Exchange issues.

The truth is that Outlook is by far the most frequently used program in Office 365. However, very few technicians actually know much about the nuances, hidden features, and quick troubleshooting tricks that will make you the go to solution for any Outlook problems.

I have spent years supporting Outlook. I have taken all of my experience solving tricky Outlook issues and put it into a 7-hour video course. Each hour-long session is packed with useful tips, tutorials, and strategies you can start using right away to solve even the most difficult Outlook issues.

Like you, I have wasted many hours on boring trainings that didn’t actually teach me anything. That is why I created this video specifically with technicians in mind. There is no filler. Every minute you will get information you can immediately use.


“This is one of the best training sessions I have attended over my IT career and you will be amazed how little you really knew previously about the nuances of Outlook and Exchange. Along with the basic Outlook training series the troubleshooting series will give your technicians the one-two punch to create new business relationships because they will know they can fix the Outlook problems the right way the first time! Thanks to Lisa for sharing her knowledge with the IT community!” – Charles Perry/Owner PC Tech to Go

When you take this course you will learn:

  • Why Outlook is so popular
  • The differences in the various versions of Outlook
  • Installation best practices
  • How to smoothly setup Outlook correctly the first time
  • Basic troubleshooting tips
  • How to create a spot check and safely create a backup before beginning work
  • How to troubleshoot if Outlook won’t open/launch
  • How to setup new email accounts including: pop/IMAP, Exchange, MAPI, and EAS
  • How to deal with different file types and platforms
  • How to handle PST and OST files
  • The best ways to deal with PST and OST repairs
  • The most common types of Outlook service calls
  • Keys to fine-tuning an Outlook installation
  • Advanced troubleshooting tips
  • The biggest mistakes technicians make with Outlook
  • Working in Safe Mode
  • Tips for repairing broken installs and reinstalling Outlook
  • Data backup solutions and best practices
  • How to do safe data transfers
  • How to recover “lost” data
  • Everything you need to know about IMAP and Gmail/Google Apps
  • Everything you need to know about Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, and Reminders
  • How to create more sales by offering Outlook repairs and troubleshooting
  • And Much More


I have been training and supporting Outlook for over 18 years. Personally training my technicians is difficult and time consuming. “Call that Girl’s” new Outlook Training for Technicians has helped solve my training challenges! Her videos are fun and full of important & pertinent information. Having watched the videos myself, I’m very confident in their content and I will require my technicians to watch the videos as well. This training will save you time and money and arm your team with a vast amount of Outlook troubleshooting knowledge. – Lori Tisinai President Computer Concepts USA

This Video Course Will Boost Your Rates and Profits

Once you take this course and become an Outlook Pro you will be able to offer premium Outlook services to your clients. You will save valuable billable hours because you will be able to solve Outlook and Exchange problems faster than ever.

If you are looking for a proven way to improve your skills, boost your rates, and increase your profits you need to get my Outlook Troubleshooting Videos for Technicians today.

Many students find that with just one service call they are able to make back more than the cost of this course.

My Promise to You

I have been where you are now. My goal is to make you better at your job and allow you increase your rates and profits. When you buy this video course I promise you three things:

  1. This course will help you level up your skills. There are no time-wasters here.
  2. After taking this course and doing the exercises you will be able to offer premium Outlook services to your clients
  3. I offer a 100% money back guarantee for 30 days

Who Am I?

I’m Lisa Hendrickson, aka Call That Girl.  I have been supporting all email platforms since 1996. In 2000, I focused on being a top helpdesk technician for Outlook at many corporate jobs. In 2007 I started Call That Girl and since 2013 I have chosen to only support Outlook and Office 365. I also have written six eBooks and created 100’s of videos, blogs and articles, all about Outlook! I’m also for hire as an Outlook Expert and Office 365 Consultant.



What Are You Waiting For? Get Access to My Outlook Troubleshooting Video Course Right Now

When you buy this course you are getting more than just information. You are getting the tools you need to increase your value and profitability. You are also getting access to:

  • Access to the Private Course Facebook Group for Additional Support and Tips
  • Lifetime Access to all 7 Hours of this Course (Even When I Later Change to a Subscription Model)
  • 4 Hours of Unlimited View Time

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