Please help me with my YouTube Partner Challenge 8850 Minutes to GOAL!

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Hi readers! I have a big old favor to ask of you if you are reading this. I was told on January 16, 2018 that I did not meet the requirements to stay on the YouTube Partner Plan. I had 30 days to make 4000 hours of watch time or else my account with the partner plan would be terminated. I had 174,000 minutes watched on Jan 16, 2018. I needed 66,000 minutes to stay on the partner plan. As of today Jan 27, 2018, I have 209,000 minutes watched. –A huge thank you to my online friends and colleagues!

My request, please watch the 22 interviews.Β  If you don’t have time to listen to them all, please mute them and run in the background. The interviews are great though for learning for you or your staff.Β Th playlist includes some of the interviews I did with Matthew Rodela in a business course, the guest lists include Fabrice Parisot from Fabs Auto Backup, Marcin Kleczynski founder of Malwarebytes, Troy Anderson from RepairShopr, Sascha and Patrick founders of Ninite, Ken Dwight the Virus Doctor Tom Lawrence from the group here and about 16 others, most folks you know already.

The new video I put up is an interview with Adam Carpenter from Technibble about a GoDaddy cutoff migration and coming up is one with Dawn who did the GoDaddy SharePoint cutoff migration. That should be up over the weekend. I have a few more interviews lined up. Thanks again everyone!!

πŸ’— 22 Interviews with other computer techs

πŸ’— 9 videos Learn more about Office 365

πŸ’— My best of Outlook How To Videos playlist



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